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 Coach Felipe Alou Comments

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Coach Felipe Alou has had enough of his offense. I called him today and had an interview and man he really let into me about his team. He stated,"We have some guys who are absolutely carrying this offense and we have several guys way underachieving and if things don't change we will see some huge changes in this line-up." He openly told me that Aubrey Huff is on the block and he told GM Wayne Thompson he wants him off the team because he is tired of his poor average, poor power, and lack of trying. They are putting John Mayberry permanently at 1B with Sexson and Dan Johnson backing him up. They are putting DeRosa back at 3rd base. The biggest question I asked him is what are they going to do about SS. He took several minutes to answer this and you could see his face get real upset. He stated he has tried every shortstop they feel is even a tiny bit ready for the major's and they have all majorly struggled to hit. He tried moving DeRosa to SS and putting Huff at 3B but the defense fell apart so he is moving DeRosa back to 3B and the SS is killing him. He is going to keep Cintron and Duran at SS for now until he can come up with a replacement. At the end he apologized for his attitude but I have never ever seen him so mad and I am glad that I didn't have to do that in person. Let's see if this team can get there act together. The last thing he said is thank God for our pitching because our Offense is the worst he has ever seen.
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Coach Felipe Alou Comments
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